more than 100 years

in maritime transportation

Super-Eco Bulkers Management Inc.

The Company is headquartered in Piraeus Greece and manages a modern fleet of Bulk Carriers.
The company’s involvement in shipping dates back in the 19th century. With more than 100 years of experience in sea transport, we manage a fleet of bulk carriers transporting clients valuable and industrial products safely and efficiently.

more than 100 years of experience

in sea transportation, has the aim to achieve through continuous improvement and compliance with the most modern maritime standards and to serve their Clients Efficiently and Effectively.

Environmental protection & employee safety

ensures that the quality of its operations, the safety and health of its employees and the protection of the environment remain the predominant factors in all aspects of its operations.

ZERO accidents & ZERO spills

Super-Eco Bulkers Management Inc. aims to achieve the goals of ZERO accidents and ZERO spills at sea through continuous improvement.


The Company manages a fleet of modern vessels all of high quality. Our standards in construction and equipment maintenance are exceeding the levels of internationally recognized safety rules and regulations.

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