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What’s Super-Eco?

The Company is headquartered in Pireaus and manages a fleet of 5 bulk carriers of good quality and high standard construction and equipment, exceeding the level of internationally recognized safety rules and regulations.

Effective and efficient management system performance is fundamental for the Group’s long term success and is therefore an integral part of its business plans and strategy. Everyone is expected to take a personal, active and constructive role in drive for flawless, efficient, competitive and customer focused operations.

Our philosophy is that shipping is an operationally intensive business where companies have to work in a rapidly changing environment regarding commercial rules and stricter regulations. Shipping is a cyclical and capital intensive business where only those who keep a sharp lookout for opportunities will be rewarded.

Ship Management

Good management system performance is fundamental to the Company long term success and is therefore an integral part of its business plans. System responsibilities extend through-out the organization from the Managing Director downwards.

Everyone is expected to take a personal, active and constructive role in drive for flawless, efficient, competitive and customer focused operations.

This will be achieved by the Company's total commitment to:

  • Continually improving the effectiveness and performance.
  • Continually improving the quality of its services and performance through innovation, evaluation of feedback information from those serving on board and its contractual partners.
  • Ensuring shore staffs and seagoing personnel commitment to safety, quality and environmental excellence through continual improvement of their safety management skills and competence by promoting training, familiarization and drills.
  • Implementing, maintaining and communicating this Policy to all Company employees and other interested parties.
  • Recognising that Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Protection are essential in order to achieve and they are responsibilities of the top Management.
  • Establishing, promoting, monitoring and reviewing Safety, Quality and Environmental objectives in order to materialise this Policy.
  • Ensuring compliance with mandatory rules and regulations and that applicable Code, guidelines and standards recommended by the IMO, relevant Flag Administrations, Classification Societies and Maritime industry organisation are taken into account.
  • Fulling all contractual requirements as defined by the relevant Ship Management Agreements and Charter Parties.
  • Quality of the products  Super-Eco Tankers Management Inc. delivers es a key issue the Company.
  • Providing adequate resources to promote this Policy.
  • Establishing safeguards against all identified risks to Life, Health, Property and the prevention of Pollution.
  • Promoting safe, healthy and environmentally friendly practices and a safe working environment;
  • Being prepared for emergencies.
The Company aims to achieve the goals of ZERO accidents and ZERO spills at sea through continuous improvement.


  • in 1886 Company owned the first ship trading in the Black Sea and Med.
  • in the 1960s the Group the begun to manage the first Liberty type ships.
  • in 1989 a total 10 bulkers were managed by the Group.
  • the Group entered the new-building market for the first time in the 90s.
  • since then a dynamic new building project is always in effect aiming to continuously reduce the fleet average age and comply with the latest international Safety and Environmental Standards.
  • on December 2015 the Group has in place a dynamic new building project of two ships.


The Group, with more than 100 years of experience in sea transportation, has the aim to achieve the goals of Zero Accidents and zero Spills at sea through continuous improvement and compliance with the most modern maritime standards and to serve their Clients Efficiently and Effectively.

Management of our people

It is the Company’s Main Objective to ensure that all ships in the fleet have competent crews who fully understand their roles and responsibilities and who are capable of working as effective teams. Recruited seafarers are certified, qualified and medically fit in accordance with Flag State, Company requirements and Industry’s Standards.

The Company ensures that Officers and Crew are efficiently and safely carry out their duties. The Company is actively promoting carrier developments to Ship’s and Shore Personnel.